Chlorophyll Effect is Art, Clothing & Design
by Drew Landon Harris


Handmade & sustainable art, wearables and more.

The process is as important as the product & that is true throughout CE projects.


Silkscreens are handmade from scratch and printed by hand. Screen-printed patches are on sustainable cotton and cotton blends. Silkscreen stickers are made from scrap vinyl from local print shops. Garments are dyed or bleached by hand. Pockets are made and printed from scratch. You get the idea… Hand-made with a low-footprint.


Based out of Denver, CO.

Current Projects:

The Decay Crew may seem dark, but let your eyes adjust and you’ll see the light.

Using satire, wordplay and just plain ridiculous inspiration, I try to bring some light to some dark ideas. Bring some balance to the perspective.

The Decay Crew started simply to fulfill my desire for clothing that I enjoy. A simple idea: if I wouldn’t want to wear it, I won’t make it.
I started designing tees and other clothing when I was 16 and fell in love with the process. Over time I’ve developed my own steps to make silkscreens from scratch, illustrate and create designs, burn the screens and hand-print patches, tees and more. As I made more and more different garments for myself, friends and family started to ask to buy garments. And thus, the Decay Crew was born.

Much of the DCYCRW is printed with glow-in-the-dark/uv-sensitive inks. This is inspired by elements with fast decay rates or half-lives. The elements with fast half-lives emit a glow, whether in full spectrum-light or in UV. So go ahead, glow brightly into the night.


The COPULAE Collection is a limited line of hand crafted jewelry. Inspired by the natural geometry which coincides with gems’ and minerals’ atomic structures. The first release focuses on the triangular/pyramidal forms and contrasting them with the cubic shapes.